Sharon’s Non-Traditional Psyanke

When I found out the theme for this week’s Spoonflower Challenge was Pysanke, I knew I wanted to feature my sister’s Egg Art.

Spoonflower Design Featuring Sharon Huston’s Pysanke

While there’s a lot to be said about the design aesthetic of traditional Ukranian Pysanke, Sharon’s non-traditional eggs take the form to another, more abstract level. They feature enticing, rippling lines and splotches that draw me in for a closer look. I seriously get lost examining them in person. I like to turn them over in my hands, tracing the lines with my fingers. Feeling the cool, subtle texture of the deceptively smooth surface, and discovering the transitions in color and glorious imperfections in pattern.

Photos of Sharon’s Eggs. Courtesy Sharon Huston.

Sharon uses Pysanke techniques in combination with other dying and decoration methods – turning ordinary eggs into beautiful objects. She’s decorated dozens of eggs over the years – each one a unique expression of art. They are fantastic, colorful baubles that I’m proud to share with the Spoonflower community. I hope you love them as much as I do.

Sharon’s Egg Studio. Photo by Sharon Huston.

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