My Fantastic Action Figure Lamp

My Big Sis sent a Pin to me on Pinterest several months ago. It was a photo of an awesome table lamp decorated with glued on and spray painted action figures. Since then, I’ve been dying to make my own. Just look at these wonderful golden lamps on Pinterest! Aren’t they FANTASTIC?

I fianally found the time to make one. So, keeping those beautiful lamps in mind, I created my own ….

There’s a lot going on here. Personally, I liked the lamps that are crowded with figures posing and doing different things.
Here’s a closer look…..
I used thrift store action figures and a handfull of tiny plastic dinosaurs.
I also decorated the back side of the lamp so it’s interesting from every angle.
My favorite figure here is the little robot climbing the lamp post above the others.

There are a lot of DIYs on Pinterest about how to make your own lamp, so I will spare you the tutorial on how I made mine. Needless to say, this lamp is already a treasured piece of my living room decor.

Happy Crafting!


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