Moody, Groovy Velvet Paintings

Raise your hand if you have ever been ensnared by the dark charms of a velvet painting found in a flea market or antique store stall…..

Some of my favorite Velvets found on Pinterest….

Nothing feels as uniquely dark and surreal as a velvet painting. The light-sucking quality of velvet is the secret ingredient in these gems. It creates incredible contrast and amplifies color; giving the artwork an eye-grabbing celestial vibe that’s entirely unique. Velvet is the ultimate negative space. (Until recently, it was the darkest canvas an artist could use – then along came the revolution started byVanta Black).

A rose cluster painted on velvet for the Moody Florals Spoonflower Challenge

Painted Velvet. You can LOVE it, and HATE all at the same time. It does beautiful things to paint. However, the history of velvet painting as tawdry, cheap art has forever tainted it’s reputation. Personally, I prefer to think of it as outsider art .

Blacklight Posters on Pinterest. The groovier, psychedelic cousins of Velvet Paintings.

Because velvet painting evokes such strong emotions, I decided to use it for the latest Spoonflower challenge – Moody Florals. As a nod to the celestial quality of painted velvet, I composed a glowing, ditzy print of fairy roses.

Fairy Roses on Velvet in 5 colors

I’m in love with the contrast of light and dark in this lovely print. It’s both sensual and playful at the same time.

The next time you happen upon a velvet beauty in person, take the time to examine it and appreciate the chiaroscuro qualities of the paint on the canvas….


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