Flue Shots w/ Kawaii Doctor & Nurse

Achoo! The coughing and sneezing students I saw at elementry schools druing Fire Prevention Week was a stark reminder that it’s time for me to get my flu shot. It’s never too late, or too early, to protect yourself and your family and friends.  Even if you manage to catch the flu after getting vaccinated – your illness will be shorter and less severe than if you did not get the shot. Please make an appointment with you doctor or stop in at your local pharmacy and GET THAT FLU SHOT.

If you dislike shots and needles, here is an adorable Cut & Sew Kawaii Doctor and Nurse duo to soothe your anxiety.

This project is my entry for Spoonflower’s Cut & Sew Fat Quarter Project Design Challenge.  I’ve made several different versions of this for Minky fabric, which I plan to release as soon as I can.  (I can’t wait to sew my own pair.)


If you need help getting the word out about those Flu shots, there are some fantastic infographics and social media tools avaliable at the CDC’s webpages.  My personal favorite is this comic themed infographic:

Stay well and keep it safe!


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