Eacape to SPI

Last week I was kidnapped by my big sis for 3 glorious days in South Padre Island.  The weather was fantastic despite the threat of rain from this year’s unusually busy hurricane season.  I soaked in the sun, got sand between my toes and enjoyed, some much treasured time in the waves with my sister.  I miss it already…..








Check out this little Laughing Gull. This plucky guy is missing a foot.  His handicap didn’t deter him at all from doing all the things that Gulls like to do. He was begging for food, running in the surf, and fishing with his flock as if there was nothing different about him.  I think I could learn something from him.

My sister took a lot of beautiful photos of the hungry Gulls while I was feeding them. I used parts of her photos to create a design for the next Spoonflower Design Challenge: Laughing Gulls Tea Towel.  If you like it, please fly over to Spoonflower and vote for it in the “Illustrated Animals Tea Towel” Challenge starting on Sept 27th.




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