Change Your Clocks Check Your Batteries?

As daylight savings creeps up on us, I’m reminded of a time in the not-so-distant past when “Change Your Clocks, Change Your Battery!” was a Fire Prevention educator’s battlecry.  While many homes across the globe still use old-fashioned smoke detectors powered by 9V or AA batteries, I feel the days of these trustworthy devices are numbered.  The simple smoke detector has evolved.  There are now new versions that don’t require a battery change and models equipped with smart technology that connect to your cell phone or wireless device.

These new smoke detectors offer a fantastic new level of convenience to homeowners.  The smart Nest Protect smoke detectors even test themselves.  However, as a Fire Prevention Advocate, I would encourage consumers to play on the side of caution with these new devices.  You – yourself – are the first defense in your home when it comes to the safety of your loved ones.  Don’t just hang that new-fangled-nose-at-night up and forget about it.  TEST IT ONCE A MONTH.  If you own a self testing detector, it’s your job to make sure that device is doing it’s job.  Technology is afterall, only as smart as the human using it.  Even smart smoke detectors need your help.

The NFPA has updated it’s smoke detector guidelines to include models with new technology.  Follow these rules to keep your loved ones safe!

Make fire prevention in your home a family activity.  Let the kids have fun pushing smoke detector buttons every month.  Let them help you change the batteries when required.  And please, please, please, devise and practice a home escape plan!  If your having trouble getting the little ones on board, or just want a fun teaching tool, you can use this Cartoon Smoke Detector cut-and sew pattern from my Spoonflower shop. He has a little door on his back and comes with two fabric 9 volt batteries.  He’s guranteed to get any pre-schooler or elementry schooler excited about fire safety at home.




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