Halloween Hijinks

Of all the things that go bump in the night, my favorite has to be a good Haunted House.  I had the honor and privilege of participating in the first annual Benbrook Relay for Life Haunted House last weekend.  I had a ghastly good time frightening kids and adults alike.  Money raised from admissions will fund Cancer research and outreach for cancer patients and survivors.

We built our haunted house to be kid friendly. There was an actor that could, on request, lead visitors thru 5 spooky rooms while warning the other actors to be more friendly than scary.  Parrents were allowed to walk thru – for free – before taking kids in to make sure it wouldn’t be too frightening.  Some families enjoyed it so much they toured the house multiple times!  While most of what we did was low tech; we had hi-tech video surveillance in the form of night vision cameras in each room – thanks to the generous folks at Pro View.  The cameras were monitored the entire weekend to make sure extra sure everyone was safe.  I was too busy with my role inside the Haunted house to see any of the footage, but I was told our video monitors enjoyed watching the reactions of our guests.  I hope to see a highlights video from them in the near future.

Photo courtesy Benbrook Relay for Life

There are no photos of the inside of the haunted house because we’re keeping it top secret since we will be keeping some of what we did this year and adding on for next year. I can tell you that our little house of horrors consisted of five rooms – graveyard, white room, butcher shop, toy room, and a crazy room.  I will let your imagination roam from there…

However, I will share this.  For the butcher room, I made a mock-up of a giant meat grinder out of foam board.  I Frankensteined images for the front and back from photos of actual old-fashioned meat grinders found on eBay. The pictures were printed and decopaged onto foam board, then cut out and affixed to a tall, narrow box.  

The look was completed with a fake severed limb inserted into the top and fake sausages (made from stuffed panty hose) coming out of the grinder’s side.  In a dim room with theatrical blood spattered everywhwere, it looked pretty frightening. Feel free to use the image to make your own ‘Meat-O-Matic’.

Our little haunted house was a HUGE success! We did better than anticipated and we are already making plans for next year.  I’m looking forward to next Halloween!


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