My Bath Tray Obsession

If this Pinterest board I created is any indication, I’ve been obsessed with bathtub trays lately.

My master bathroom has a large corner garden tub that I hardly use. I’m embarrassed to say that until recently, it often functioned as a laundry bin when I was falling behind on Mount Washmore. It’s functional, but in major need of TLC. The fiberglass has permenant stains and it’s yellowed from sun exposure.

My ugly bathtub. Just look at that yellowed fiberglass! And those stains!

It’s an eyesore! However, since I began Swishing and Swiping with Flylady, I’ve been looking for ways to make it more appealing. Because in my mind, if it looks pretty, I’m less likely to abuse it as a laundry recptacle. So, short of a time consuming and expensive tub replacement or re-finish, I thought a bathtub tray would do the trick. The tray sits across the tub, making it nearly impossible to toss laundry into it without knocking objects off. Plus, it has the added bonus of dressing up the master bath.

My glorious golden DIY bathtub tray!

After weighing my options, I decided to DIY a tray from a wooden tray I already had, but wasn’t using. I fashioned a book prop out of scrap wood, attached wodden dowels to the bottom to support it, painted it gold, and finished it off with glass tile. Now it’s the first thing I see when I enter the Master Bath, and it makes me smile!

If you also use your bathtub as a laundry bin, or your looking for an inexpensive way to dress up the bath, consider a bathtub tray. I’m glad I did!

Happy Making!


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